We all have seen ads and more often than not, we dislike them. Some consider them annoying, some say they are intrusive. We can tell you this that all such ads are plain boring – and that is what primarily brings about those previously mentioned connotations. Check out this ad about ads to see what we mean.

But there exist some great, moving & powerful ads – that is work of pure creativity (like we have a cult ad series of the Amul girl) . Here is a collection of some of the best ads across the globe:

(needless to say, the ownership of the ads lies with their respective creators, agencies, brands, <add another jargon here>)


Bic – using the same picture for both its pens & razors – simple & clean bic 2 in 1


Alcohol – sometimes it’s the answer. tadtop gyaan: it always is a solution.

blue horn lounge


Darlington football tickets – this world needs more such ads – especially now with the advent of wii / kinect / PS move, which give an illusion of workout while playing video games!

darlington footbal season tickets


Strong teeth – really strong – really really strong.

formula toothpaste


Gustavo gym – no need to lift weights. Beat your own weight, you’ll be good.

gustavo gym


Kansas state public library architecture – inspiring & praise-worthy

kansas city public library


another gym advertisement – hitting where it hurts!

long time no see


awesome minions packaging – taking full advantage of their cuteness



Panasonic – creatively showcasing its facial recognition feature

panasonic face recognition


Pedigree – for stronger, and more mischievous than they already are, dogs.



Pause – take a break – kit kat. brilliant.

take a break


Why choose to be fat & ugly when you can be just plain ugly.

tired of being fat & ugly


Viagra ad – It’s hard to put this in a soft manner.



A bookstore ad – literally minimalist.



 Another bar ad – criticising the get-together that happen nowadays, with everyone glued to their device.

no wifi


 So, concluded, it’s not ads that we hate. We hate shitty, senseless & boring ads.