Ever been told that you look like a celebrity? Or have a friend who you think looks like some one famous? Well at least one of them is famous. Here are some famous people who look remarkably similar to another famous personality:

Hrithik Roshan & Bradley Cooper: Women are crazy about them both. With looks like that, it’s natural.

BradleyCooper & Hritik


Zooey Deschanel & Katy Perry: Another beautiful pair – only this time, it’s the men who would be drooling.

KatePerry & ZoeyDeschanel


Aamir Khan & Tom Hanks: Aamir Khan is many-a-times compared to Tom Hanks – so much that some call him Tom Hanks of India. Not sure about that but he does look like the Forrest Gump star.



Angelina Jolie & Tiffany Claus: Tiffany Claus, who looks a lot like Angelina Jolie is an American actress & a professional body-double & stand-in for…you guessed it – Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie & Tiffany Claus


Keira Knightley & Natalie Portman: One of the most famous (& sometimes confusing) set of look-alike celebrities.

NataliePortman & KeiraKnightley


Scarlett Johansson & Amber Heard: Both american, both actors & both are hot. Although some may argue that one is hotter than the other.

ScarlettJohanassen & AmberHeard


Scarlett Johansson & Christopher Walken: Both american, both actors & Christopher Walken would hate the fact that he does look like Scarlett in this quite old pic of his.Scarlett & Walken


Tom Hanks & Clay Shirky: Clay Shirky is an american writer. Shave Tom’s head & you have Clay Shirky.ClayShirky & TomHanks


Moving on to sports, Roger Federer & Arbaaz Khan: Some may argue that there is no similarity, but for the ones who do, all the best unseeing this.Federer & Arbaaz


Michael Ballack & Matt Damon: Both are great performers in their respective fields – no arguments there.MichaelBallack & MattDamon


Graeme Smith & Frank Lampard: A Cricketer & a footballer – difficult to tell who’s who (not asking you, you fans)GraemeSmith & Lampard


Quentin Tarantino & Roger Federer: After comparing him to Arbaaz above, FedEx must be relieved being next to Tarantino now. Not sure of that though.Tarantino & Federer


Andy Roddick & Sean Scott: Stifler, you may have scored a lot in American Pie but you’re not anywhere close to it when it comes to Andy Murray.AndyRoddick & SeanScott


Alastair Cook & Kaka: Another set of strikingly similar looking players from different sport.

AlistairCook & Kaka


Hafia Wehbe & Rakhi Sawant: While one is a Lebanese singer & actress, the other is an Indian media-buzz-creating celebrity



Steve Jobs & Ashnton Kutcher: There were many reasons as to why Ashton Kutcher played the role of Steve Jobs in the movie ‘Jobs’ - looks like this could be one of the reason.

Steve & Ashton


Obama & Ilham Anas - in fact, ilham Anas is better known as the Indonesian Obama impersonator – and you can read more about him here as to how his looks have changed his life.

Obama & IIhamAnas


OK, this other guy may not have been famous earlier, but we think this pic got him a lot of attention. Next time you’re fueling up, do have a look at the attendant – who knows, you may find the next celebrity doppelgänger.

saif & petrol