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Strictly for the love of Beer: Top 10 beer festivals of the world

1. Oktoberfest

Where : Munich, Germany
When : 16 Days; Late September to 1st October Weekend
World’s Largest Beer Festival. 6 Million+ Attendees Every Year


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2. Great American Beer Festival

Where : Denver, Colorado, USA
When : 3 Day event, A weekend in October (Oct 2-4, 2014)

Great American Beer Festival Flash

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3. Great Kiwi Beer Festival

Where : Christchurch, New Zealand
When : 1 Day, Usually in March (29th March 2014)


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4. Belgian Beer Weekend

Where : Brussels, Belgium
When : September weekend (5-7th Sep 2014)

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5. Helsinki Beer Festival

Where : Helsinki, Finland
When : Usually a weekend in April, (4th & 5th April 2014)

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6. Mondial de la Biere/ Montreal Beer Festival

Where : Montreal, Canada
When : Early June (11-15th June 2014)

Montreal Beer World

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7. Pilsner Fest

Where : Plzen, Czech Republic
When : 2 Days, 4-5th October 2014 (Unconfirmed)


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8. Great British Beer Festival

Where : Different locations all over UK (2014 – Olympia, London)
When : Usual 1st full week in August (12-16th August 2014)
Also termed as “Biggest pub in the world”

Great British Beer Festival

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9. Qingdao International Beer Festival

Where : Qingdao International Beer City, China
When : 9-24th August 2014

SPARE things-to-do-in-manchester-camra-winter-ales-festival

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10. National Winter Ales Festival

Where : Different locations all over UK (2014 – Pride Park, Derby)
When : Generally in January each year (19-22nd February 2014)

Ah, you’ve missed this one – but you can always make it next time.

National Winter Ales Festival

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BEER: The best drink ever,

Keep Calm & Keep Drinking

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