Nothing represents a brand better than a well designed logo. It’s only natural that a lot of time, effort & money is spent on designing a good logo. Brands try to put-in the crux of – what they do, what they want to be known for – in their logo. Sometimes, it goes wrong. Horribly wrong.

Here are a few which went that way:

Sunrise Sushi logo

Look at the logo, depicting a Japanese house outline, with sun in background. Sunrise – perfect. That could have been the only thing in the mind while designing this – as far as we can think.


What do you mean it looks different to you?


Mont-sat logo – there’s good reason to his happiness

mont-sat source

We’re certain this is not what the designers wanted to project.

Shocked? One should be.

Before you close this page, let us tell you this is the logo for Locum – a real estate management company

locum source

But plain locum with an ‘o’ wouldn’t cut it. Let’s make it something people would love – mission accomplished.


Clinica Denta logo – Get your cavities filled

What the logo is trying to depict is, a dentist at work (we think). The patient is patiently lying on the dentist’s chair.

clinicadental source

They put a smile on people’s face for sure. Good dentist.


A-Style – a clothing company – they got the style.

a-style source

Again, the intent was good we believe – just that the style looks doggy dodgy here.

Arlington Pediatric Center logo – Guys this is supposed to take care of children

Arlington Pediatric  source

Can’t really say anything here that would make it look better. Thank goodness they’ve changed it now.


If at all we plan a logo, we will ensure we have a look from various different perspectives.