Here are some of the lesser known brave Indians – who displayed immense courage during hard times. Sadly, not everybody knows about these incidents. If you know about these, do share; if you don’t, share once you have wiped the tears off your eyes.

 Battle of Saragarhi: you’ve seen 300, this is 21


One of the greatest last-stand as recorded by history, this happened in September 1897. 21 soldiers(from 36th Sikhs of British Indian Army) fight against, hold your breath, 10,000 afghan & orakzai tribesmen. Highlights of the battle:

North-West-Frontier Province

The North West Frontier Province where this battle took place


  • No guns – only swords, fists & throat. Imagine that – 21 soldiers defending an army post against 10,000 enemies. How many guys can a single man handle in such battle?
  • They were given option to surrender by the Afghans to avoid certain death, but they decided to fight till death to hold the strategically important fort.
  • At the end they killed 480 Afghans in a totally one sided battle.
  • Unable to kill the last person standing (Sepoy Gurmukh Singh), they burned the whole fort to burn him alive.
  • This was a major strategic victory for the British Indian army due to the delay caused by the 36th Sikh Regiment.



All 21 men, got posthumous Victoria Cross awards, the highest military honor, equivalent to Paramveer Chakra in India

source: Quora & Wiki

Bishnu Shrestha – One man army

A 35-year-old Bishnu Shrestha had just retired from the services – as a Gurkha soldier – and was returning on a train to Gorakhpur.  About 15 to 40 armed robbers attacked the train near Chitranjan, West Bengal and robbed the passengers of their valuables.

It was fine till now and Shreshtha was willing to give his valuables too when the robbers grabbed the 18 yr old girl sitting next to him & wanted to rape her.

Infuriated by this demeaning act, he pulled out the large, curved khukuri knife, and went after the bandits.

A trained, angry Gurkha soldier + with a Khukuri + strategic narrow aisle of the train = “Get the Fuck out of there. ASAP

The robbers learned this in about 10 mins in which the battle ensued – with 3 robbers dead & several injured. They dropped their loot & fled to save their lives. Shrestha suffered a severe injury to his left arm and required two months of medical treatment to recover his injured hand. He received Sena Medal for his bravery.


When the intended rape victim’s family offered him a large cash reward, he refused it with the following comment: Fighting the enemy in battle is my duty as a soldier. Taking on the thugs on the train was my duty as a human being.“ 



You don’t necessarily need to be a soldier to display an act of bravery

Gunjan Sharma, a 6th standard student displayed just that. A few months back, in Dec’13, when a gunman hijacked a school van with 11 students inside, Gunjan pleaded with the gunman to let the other 10 kids go & she will accompany him as a hostage.

She accompanied the gunman on foot to Nagaland & told that the gunman had stuffed a pistol into her mouth to prevent her from responding when police and other security personnel called out her name during a search operation inside the jungle along the Assam-Nagaland border. However, she said, the gunman assured her that he would free her unharmed. Earlier, after taking her hostage, he took her across a stream and then into a jungle, where she spent the night without food.

Villagers near the border informed the police after Gunjan arrived in the village in the wee hours next day. She received INR 2 Lacs & bravery award for her courageous act.



A big salute to all these brave Indians – we need more people like you.