If you haven’t seen them already that is. We know, Indian movies brings in bollywood into mind, which in turn has the typical connotation of dancing around trees, love triangles – thank goodness we’ve moved from maa ka badla lega theme. Alright, enough, here are some movies that are really good & if you haven’t already seen them, add them to your watch-list right away.


It is a film based on Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, a story of a boy who is inspired by Dr. Kalam and has strong desire to learn, Education can make all the difference & every child needs it and deserves it – that’s the message which the movie puts across beautifully. This is one movie that should be seen everyone – irrespective of their age.

i am kalam

Okay this movie did receive a lot of attention and was one of the easy choices to include here. A story about a boy who’s been expelled from school & now has to live with his totalitarian father. How he goes through it and finally breaks away from the shackles is what the movie is to be watched for.


Some may argue that this is a remake of A few good men, but you really have to watch this movie to realise the difference – the powerful performance of KK & Rahul Bose keep you gripped throughout the movie. One of the finest movie based on Indian army (although a court case rather than war).


A story about two women who are living (& struggling) with their own lives – how they get connected to each other and how one holds the thread of life for the other – and how their companionship completes them in some manner. Great performance by Gul Panag, Ayesha Taki & Shreyas Talpade


A thrilling crime story which its own twists & turns. Besides the great story itself, there are so many reasons to watch this movie – Rajasthan, Abhay Deol, opening scene with Yana Gupta. One of the brilliant unconventional movie India has brought out.

manorama six feet under

The best goodbye ever – that’s the tagline of this Vinay Pathak starrer. The movie is about a man who is told by his doctor that his time up & then decides to tick items off his bucket-list. He proceeds to do that once by one & what he learns & teaches others along his journey is what makes the movie great. Indeed it is one of the best goodbyes ever.


The ones above are some of the finest amongst the so many others that deserve much more appreciation – and the list of unconventional & great Indian movies is by no means complete.

Which great ones do you think we missed? Comments section awaits your input!