you can't buy happiness

Weed, ganja, marijuana, mary jane, cannabis, hemp, doobie – call it what you want – all amount to happiness!

Although no one is asking why, we’ll give you reasons why it should be as legal as fruits, vegetables & more legal than cigarettes, alcohol. So why weed?

Summary of why weed: It’s natural stuff, a plant, it makes people happy, hungry, relaxed & creative.

The illustrated version & some obvious reasons which you already know:

You get happier once you toke up

dancing bro


Crime rate would go down – even Snoop Dogg/Lion thinks so. Legit?

snoop dogg

Sutta breaks would be even cooler.

time to smoke

Lord Shiva loves it – and we love Him.

Shiva ganjasource

Way better than alcohol. Way better.

weed vs alcohol source


Small problem, big problem, no problem

small problem big problem no problem source


Weed is awesome. Can’t say no to Cameron Diaz, can we?

weed is awesomesource


 Smoke weed but don’t go crazy. But smoke weed if you like it!