Ads…the good ones can be so powerful to get the message across. A collection of ads that are very powerful in their communication. Next time you think of driving once you’re a few pegs down, just think about the consequences. Here goes:

Alcohol impairs your judgement – you think you can drive when drunk?

alcohol_judgement source

On a less serious note, here are your options once drunk & on the road. Seriously.

funny-road-signs-drink-and-drive source


 You may have read variations of it – after whisky, jat/jatt/gujjar/<insert a clan> risky - but here’s the truth.

risky after whisky source

Take a seat – think what could happen & is it worth it.

take a seat source


Don’t drink & drive, the consequences stay with you for life.

kylie-dad source

Drunk driving kills. Period.

key_wine source

And it’s not just you who’s at risk when you’re drunk & behind the wheel

handicap_ad_drunk_drive source

Did we mention alcohol impairs your judgement?


guinness source

Drink & DrIvE

Drink DrIvE source


and here’s a great video – done by a bar in Chennai – in association with Chennai police. Very powerful.