Largely known for her off-screen appearances rather than on-screen ones, Kangna Ranaut is one actress we absolutely love. You may have your reasons to love her, here are the points that set her apart from the regular bollywood:

She calls a spade a spade – a rarity in celebs


One has to see her candid interview with Anupama Chopra – when asked why she did movies like Dhamaal, she says some movies one needs to do for the money – simple. Bluntly states that it is a male dominated industry – where they not only get all the credit but also take away the lion’s share as far as money is concerned. No twisting words around. That’s a refreshing change from the usual diplomatic answers you get to hear from the celebrities.

With Celebrity status, comes great responsibility

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While she is upfront about the fact that she does some roles purely for money, she is also careful on what she endorses. She detests ‘fairness products’ madness going on, refused a 2cr offer which wanted her to endorse the fairness products. It might sound silly when she says it is criminal to endorse fairness creams, but kudos to her for standing up against this propaganda to get fair which is plaguing the nation. Celebs do have some moral responsibility and she’s quite cognizant of that.

Knows where she’s coming from & where she’s going – makes more sense than most


She’s from a small town, she has a different accent – she knows that and openly admits that she has had her insecurities about it. Has had her fashion sense evolve from weird to vogue over the years. She may not be what is supposed to be perfect by bollywood standards but you have to hear her to realise that she is so straight-forward & makes more sense than most.

 Go Kangna go – you’re the queen of bollywood that we want to see succeed.